How to Price Items to Sell at Flea Market

By Angela Tague

Be realistic when pricing used goods to sell at flea markets.
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You cleaned out the garage, organized the closets and thinned out the treasures in the basement. If you have a few boxes of things ready to sell at the flea market, get your pricing labels and a few resources handy. Receiving the best price for your unwanted items takes a little research, common sense and knowledge of the current resale market. The pricing structure you used last year or for other flea markets might not be the best option now.

Search for your key items on the Internet. Look at online auction sites, thrift stores and antique shops to see what the item is currently selling for. Pricing fluctuates depending on popularity and availability. For example, your collectible comic book memorabilia will garner a higher rate in the immediate days and weeks following the release of a movie with the comic book characters.

Look up the value of antiques in antiques guide books. Available at bookstores or antique shops, these books can steer you in the right direction when trying to price an uncommon item. If your particular piece isn't listed, choose a similar item made in the same time period, from the same materials and in the same condition.

Talk with the flea market owner for advice. Ask if your types of items have sold in the past and for how much. Remember, the condition of your items might be better or worse than previously sold goods. You must also consider that demand and prices can vary widely in only a matter of months.

Fill out pricing labels completely. Most flea markets assign each seller a personal identification number to write on the sales ticket. If you're selling items in various sizes, such as clothing and shoes, indicate the size on the price label so the buyer doesn't have to try to read a worn-out tag. Next, write the price. Be sure to price in the commission you'll pay to the flea market for selling your items.

Items you will need

  • Pricing labels

  • Antiques guide books