How to Post Links on Facebook Without the Long Link

By Adrian Grahams

Tidy up long links on Facebook with a third-party shortener service.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook offers its own link shortener service that you can use to link to content on Facebook itself, but to post short links to external Web pages on your business page or Facebook Timeline you'll need to use a third-party, link-shortener service to condense the original long URL address. After shortening the link address with the third-party service, you can post it to Facebook in the same way as a standard link in the Status area on a business page or in the "What's on your mind" box on your Timeline page or homepage. Facebook will parse the shortened link and retrieve the title, description and image thumbnail for the linked content in the usual way.

Copy the URL address of the external Web page that you want to link to on Facebook.

Go to your preferred third-party, link-shortener service, such as the Google URL Shortener, Bitly or Tiny URL.

Paste the link you copied into the URL-entry field on the service's homepage.

Click the "Shorten URL," "Shorten" or "Make Tiny URL" button.

Highlight and copy the shortened URL.

Go to your business Facebook page, Facebook Timeline or Facebook homepage.

Paste the shortened link into the Status field at the top of the page. Wait for Facebook to scan the link and retrieve the title, description and image thumbnail.

Type a message in the text field if you want to include your own text with the link. Erase the shortened link in the text box after the preview appears, if desired.

Click the "Post" button to add the shortened link to your Facebook page or Timeline.


If sharing the link on your Facebook Timeline or homepage, click the audience selector tool button in the Post pane and select the lists or people with whom you want to share the link. This feature isn't available when you post a link to a Facebook page, which is open to the public.