How to Post a Photograph on Craigslist

By Cynthia Boris

Clear, sharp photos make items easier to sell.
i IT Stock/Polka Dot/Getty Images

A good way to dispose of excess inventory or old equipment that you no longer need is to sell it on Craigslist. Though you can post an ad without a photo, it's more likely that people will be interested if they can see what you are offering. You cannot align photos as you can with a blog post, but you can display up to eight photos at the bottom of your post free of charge.

Take photos with a digital camera. Shoot pictures from various angles and include closeups of important details or damage. Upload the photos to your computer. For best results, resize the pictures to 500 to 600 pixels wide. Ideally, you should use JPG format, but you can also upload GIF and PNG images to Craigslist.

Browse to the Craigslist website and then choose the city closest to you from the list in the sidebar. Choose "For Sale" in the category list, then click "Post" in the upper right corner.

Fill out the form, including the title and description of your item. Click "Continue" and you'll be asked if you want to upload photos.

Click the "Browse" button to locate the first photo on your computer, and then click "Open."

Repeat the process for each of up to eight photos.

Click "Done with Images" when you have uploaded all of your photos.

Read the final screen carefully to verify that no mistakes appear in your ad, and then click "Continue."

Wait for an email from Craigslist to arrive. When it does, click the confirmation link. Your ad and photos are now live.