How to Play a .VCR Extension File

By Geoff Whiting

Updated February 10, 2017

The VCR file is essentially a digital version of a VHS tape.
i AmeliaFox/iStock/Getty Images

The VCR file extension is a rare file type and playing it can be one of the more confusing activities on a Windows PC. VCR files are associated with videos recorded using ATI Technologies’ ATI Video Recorder – now owned by AMD – or the Arvid VCR Driver. These programs can turn TV signals into recorded video and can be played by opening it with the ATI Multimedia Center (link in Resources) if you have an ATI video card. You’ll need to convert the file to another type if you’re not using an ATI card.

Converting Your Video

You can convert a VCR file into a useable extension with software such as AT&T’s Connect Recording Converter and FileViewPro (links in Resources). You can also download the ATI Multimedia Center and use its Media Library tool to convert the video. You won’t be able to watch the video through the ATI Multimedia Center if you don’t have an ATI video card, so you’ll need another program to verify the conversion worked. Load your VCR file into the converter software and choose a file extension you can play, such as MP4 or MPEG2, then press the “Save” or “Convert” button to get a useable file.