How to Place Paper to Be Faxed in a Canon Fax

By Melissa King

Canon all-in-one office machines, including the Pixma and Faxphone models, enable you to copy, scan and print documents. They also enable you to fax your business documents, letters or forms to clients, customers or employees. Your Canon machine may allow you to load documents for faxing on the platen glass, the automatic document feeder, or ADF, or both. Canon recommends that you place documents on the platen glass for the highest-quality results.

Platen Glass

Lift up the document cover located on the top of the machine.

Place the paper face-down on the platen glass. If the document is a transparency, place a sheet of plain white paper over it.

Align the paper with the correct size marks on the glass for best results. If the paper doesn't match any of the marks, line up the top-left corner of the document with the alignment mark near the upper-left corner of the glass.

Close the cover. Press "Fax/Copy," input the recipient's fax number, and then press the "Send" button.

Automatic Document Feeder

Locate the automatic document feeder on top of the platen glass cover. Adjust the feeder's document guides a bit wider than the document you want to fax.

Align the papers if you're faxing multiple pages. Hold the stack in both hands. Fan the papers with one hand, then tap the stack a few times on a desk or table to even out the papers.

Place the document face-up in the feeder. Slide the document beneath the load limit guides on the sides of the feeder.

Adjust the load limit guides to fit the width of the document. A paper jam may result if you don't adjust the guides correctly.

Press "Fax/Copy" to enter fax mode, enter the recipient's fax number, and then press "Send."


If the fax cannot complete due to an error or a busy signal, the machine will attempt to re-send the document twice.