How to Place a Hyperlink on Craigslist

By Kim Lewis

A hyperlink lets you open a Web page, document, or image when you select it. You can place one on a Craigslist posting that you create for business purposes. The link can point to your website or blog, allowing you to supplement or expand the information you include in your posting. Hyperlinks are created with an HTML tag called an anchor. It must have opening and closing brackets, and an href attribute that lets you link to a URL.

Study the HTML code to place a link inside of a document. The syntax is <a href=”MyURL”>Link</a>, where URL must include the “http://” header, and must be placed between quotation marks. “Link” is the actual text the reader will see.

Create a post on Craigslist by logging into your account, or by clicking on “Post to Classifieds” and then following the directions. Alternatively, open an ad you previously placed but wish to edit by clicking the link Craigslist emailed you after your ad was posted.

Type in the URL of the website you wish to link to. The easiest way to get the URL is to go to the website and copy the address.

Place the anchor tag inside of your post, paste the URL inside of it, and then add text that the user will click. For example, to add a link to Reuters, write: <a href=”>The Reuters Website</a>.

Test the link by clicking it inside your ad’s preview. When you are done, save your posting by clicking “Continue.” If you are editing a previous ad, refresh the page to see your changes. If you are creating a new ad, follow the directions to receive an email with a link to your live post.