How to Pin Facebook to Your Taskbar

By Naomi Bolton

Windows 7 gives users the ability to pin applications and shortcuts to the taskbar to streamline the process of launching them. Instead of minimizing active windows to see the desktop or searching for the shortcut on the Start menu, you can simply click the icon on the taskbar. If you use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your Web browser, it is easy to pin Facebook and other websites you visit often to the taskbar as well. Mozilla Firefox and Opera don't have built-in support for pinning sites to the taskbar, but you can achieve the same results with these browsers using Windows shortcuts.

Internet Explorer

Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to

Click and drag the Facebook favicon from the browser's address bar to your taskbar.

Release the left mouse button when the words "Pin to taskbar" appear.

Google Chrome

Launch Google Chrome and navigate to

Click the "Wrench" icon and then click "Tools."

Select "Create application shortcuts" from the drop-down menu.

Uncheck "Desktop" and "Start menu" so that only "Pin to Task Bar" is selected.

Click the "Create" button to pin Facebook to your taskbar.

Other Browsers

Right-click your browser icon on your desktop and select "Properties." Highlight and copy the contents of the "Target" section.

Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select "New" and "Shortcut." Right-click and select "Paste" to paste the browser location link into the Create Shortcut window.

Type "" (without the quotation marks) next to the location link for your browser and then click "Next."

Type "Facebook" as a name for the shortcut and click "Finish."

Navigate to a website such as, Iconspedia or (links in Resources) and download a Facebook icon.

Right-click the shortcut you created on your desktop, then click "Properties." Click "Change Icon" and "Browse." Select the Facebook icon that you downloaded and click "Open."

Click "OK," then click "Apply" to change the icon to the Facebook icon.

Drag and drop the new shortcut from your desktop to your taskbar to pin it.