How to Personalize All eBay Invoices

By Alan Sembera

Custom eBay invoices add a personal touch to e-commerce.
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Adding a personal touch to your eBay invoices can help establish closer relationships with your customers. eBay allows you to automatically add your logo to every invoice you send, but you'll need to subscribe to eBay's Selling Manager Pro service or have an eBay Store account to add a custom message. But even without a special account, you can still add add your custom logo and message to the initial email eBay sends to all successful buyers.


Sign in to your eBay account, and then click the "My eBay" tab.

Click the "Account" tab, and select "Manage Communications With Buyers" in the left sidebar.

Click the "Edit" link in the "Need to Send an Invoice?" section.

Click the "Browse" button in the "Using Your Seller Logo" section, and then select a logo image from your computer.

Click "Upload" to copy the file to eBay's server.

Check the box next to "Include in Invoice Email."

Add a custom text message in the "Using Your Custom Message" section if you have an eBay Store or you subscribe to Selling Manager Pro. If you don't have one of these optional services -- which charge a monthly fee -- you won't be able to enter a message.

Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Buyer Success Email

Click the "Account" tab on the My eBay page, and select "Manage Communications With Buyers" in the sidebar.

Select the "Buyer Wins Auction" category, and then click the "Add a Message" link.

Type your custom message into the text box. You can use the menu to the right of the text to insert special variables such as "Buyer User ID" and "Item Title" into the text of the message. The variables will be replaced by the information from that particular sale when the email is sent.

Check the box next to "Include my Logo Located at the Following Web Address" if you want your logo to appear above the message, and enter a URL that points to the image file containing your logo. Your logo must on a Web server for this option to work. Many websites such as Photobucket, ImageShack and Flikr allow you to store images on their servers for free. Your Internet service provider also may provide free space on its Web server for customers.

Click the "Preview" link to see how your message will look in the email, and then click "Save" when you are finished making changes.