How to Pause a FaceTime Call

By Lori Kaufman

You can use FaceTime on your Mac or on your iOS device to initiate video calls with your customers or accept video calls from your employees, as long as your customers and employees use Macs or iOS devices. FaceTime works in the background on iOS devices, so you can get a video call request at any time. After the video call starts, you can pause it without ending the call. You will still be able to speak with the caller, but the video stops until you resume the video call. You can also mute your microphone at any time.

Choose "FaceTime" and then click "Hide FaceTime" to pause the video call on your Mac. You will still be able to talk to the other person, but the video will disappear on the screen. Alternatively, hold "Control," click the FaceTime icon in the Dock and then choose "Hide" from the menu.

Press the "Home" button on your iOS device while you're in a video call to send the FaceTime app to the background and pause the video call. You will still be able to talk to the other person.

Click "Video" and choose "Mute" from the menu if you want to mute the microphone on your Mac. Tap the "Mute" icon on your iOS device to mute the microphone. The other person will still be able to see you, but he will not be able to hear you.


To resume the video call, click the "FaceTime" icon in the Dock on your Mac or tap the "FaceTime" app on your iOS device. To unmute a microphone, tap the "Mute" icon again on your iOS device or click "Video" and choose "Mute" from the menu on your Mac.


Information in this article applies to FaceTime 2.0. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.