How to Override a Printer Error for a Lexmark Print Cartridge

By Andrew McClain

While generally reliable, your Lexmark printer is prone to the occasional problem. These problems can include empty paper trays, low toner and print cartridge errors. While a print cartridge error message seems vague, you can fix it one of several ways: restart the printer, reinstall the print cartridge, reset the printer or replace the ink cartridge in question. Whatever the cause, you can usually override the error by following a few troubleshooting steps.

Turn off the printer, wait one minute, and turn on the printer again. See if you get the same error message.

Remove the ink cartridge, and check to see if you left any of the packaging or security tape still attached to the cartridge. Replace the ink cartridge to see if you can print.

Open the Lexmark Solution Center program on your computer. Click "Maintenance," and select "Install or obtain a new cartridge." This will reset the ink counter on your printer. After you get a ready message, try to print again.

Follow your printer's instructions to remove and replace the print cartridge with a new one. Check to see if this removes the error message.