How to Organize Photos on a Facebook Group

By Carolyn Luck

Albums make group pictures more accessible.
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As a business owner, you may find uses for Facebook groups. They let you connect with people with common interests -- employees, new and existing customers, vendors or industry insiders. Group members can share pictures of products and events on the group page to keep all members in the loop. With multiple people uploading, locating specific photos can quickly become difficult. Photo albums offer an efficient way to organize photos in a Facebook group.

Log in to your Facebook account and select the group you wish to work with from the list in the left side panel. If it does not appear, click the “More” link next to the “Groups” heading to select from a list of all your groups on the resulting page.

Click the “Add Photo/Video” link that appears at the top of your group’s main page. Click the “Create Photo Album” option. Select the first photo you wish to upload from your computer’s directory.

Edit the album details in the spaces provided on the resulting page while you wait for your photo to upload. Tag the location in the “Where Were These Taken?” box. Add text in the “Say Something About This Album…” box. Click the “+ Add More Photos” button in the lower left corner to upload additional pictures to the album. Click the “Post Photos” button to create and share your album.

Create new albums for each new group event, project or product launch to maintain an organized group photo collection. Label each album as accurately as possible with dates, locations and other memorable references.


Group photo albums can be accessed by members using the “Photos” tab at the top of the group’s main page. Although individually uploaded photos appear in the group’s photos, they are organized according only to date and may require excessive searching.

Any group member can upload photos to a group album. With closed and secret groups, only members of the group can view the photos.