How to Open Multiple Browser Sessions in Firefox

By Tricia Goss

Work in multiple browser windows at once.
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Multitasking is probably the first word in your job description. When you open a Firefox Web browser window, you are not working on just one thing. While you can easily open several tabs in a single browser window by clicking the "Open a New Tab" button or pressing "Ctrl-T," there are times when you require separate windows, perhaps one per type of task or project you are working on. You can open multiple Firefox browser sessions using one of three different methods.

Start Firefox. Press the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl-N." A new browser session opens.

Start Firefox. Select the "File" menu and choose "New Window." A new browser session opens. If you do not see the File menu, press the "Alt" key to display the menu bar temporarily or right-click any blank area of the Tab Strip, which is above or below the address bar, and select "Menu Bar."

Start Firefox. Right-click the Firefox icon on the Windows taskbar and select "Open New Window." A new browser session opens.