How to Open BIOS in an Acer Aspire

By Elvis Michael

Use the BIOS to modify most hardware components' settings.
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The Acer Aspire laptop series possess various hardware configurations to fit your needs. Most components are built into the motherboard, including its graphics processor, USB and audio devices. The settings for these devices are typically stored in the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) within your Acer Aspire laptop. Essentially, the BIOS utility allows you to modify such hardware by enabling or disabling them as necessary.

Turn on your Acer Aspire or restart it if the operating system is running.

Press the “F2” function key once the “Aspire” logo (splash screen) appears. Allow several seconds for the system BIOS to load.

Make all necessary changes within the BIOS utility. Press the “F10” function key to apply all settings, or press “Escape” to discard your changes.