How to Open a Yahoo Account

By Naomi Bolton

Opening a Yahoo account allows you to make use of their free mail and messenger services amongst other things. Creating an account is free and only requires that you enter some personal information and select an appropriate Yahoo ID. As a business owner, having a Yahoo account allows you to check your email even if you are not in front of your office computer as you can log in from any computer with an Internet connection.

Navigate to the Yahoo website (see link in Resources) and click the "Sign up" link.

Enter your first name and last name in the Name field and select your gender from the drop-down list.

Enter your birth date and ZIP code in the required fields.

Enter a username in the Yahoo ID and Email field, then click the "Check" button to see if it is available. A username must start with a letter and have between four and 32 characters. If the username you have selected is unavailable, try another one or pick one of the suggestions listed by Yahoo.

Enter a password in the required field and re-type it in the Re-type Password field. Do not use your own name or Yahoo username. The password must be between six and 32 characters. The password strength indicator will show whether your password is weak, strong or very strong.

Enter your existing email address in the Alternative e-mail field. This is optional, but useful to recover your username or password in the event that you forget any of your other recovery information.

Select secret questions from the Secret Question 1 and Secret Question 2 drop-down lists and then type your answers in the Your Answer fields. You should be able to easily remember your answers, but they should be hard for someone else to guess.

Type the CAPTCHA code shown in the visual code box into the required field to prove that you are human. Click the "Audio code" link to hear the code if the visual code is unclear.

Click the checkbox next to "I have read and agree to the Yahoo! Terms of Service."

Click the "Create My Account" button to complete the registration. Click the "Print Account Details" to print a hard copy of your account information, then store it in a safe place for future reference.

Click the "Continue" button to sign in to your new Yahoo account.