How to Open a VRM File

By Steve McDonnell

Source code is usually stored in plain text files.
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A VRM file stores source code in text format for either the Visual Rexx programming language or the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML, pronounced "vermal." Visual Rexx is a programming language similar to Java originally developed by IBM. VRML code looks like XML and is used to create 3-D worlds in 2D. Since the code for both languages is stored as uncompressed plain text, a VRM file should open successfully with any text editor, including Notepad.


Launch the Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder that contains the VRM file.

Right-click the file and choose "Open with."

Select "Notepad" or any text editing program.


Click "Start | All Programs | Accessories | Notepad" to launch Notepad.

Click "File" and "Open" inside Notepad. Click in the file-type list box and change the selection to "All Files (.)."

Navigate to the folder on your hard drive with the VRM file. Click the file to highlight it and click "Open" to open it in Notepad.