How to Move Subscriptions to Another YouTube Channel

By C.D. Crowder

Keep your YouTube subscribers even when you switch channels.
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If you created a YouTube account prior to May 2009, Google provides you with the ability to transfer data from one account to another. YouTube accounts created after May 2009 do not have this option. In order to transfer subscriptions, videos and other data, you must have an existing Google account or create a new one. Google then merges the data between the two accounts to create a merged YouTube channel.

Sign out of any Google accounts, including YouTube.

Visit the Unlink page and enter your YouTube username and password. Enter the verification text and click “Unlink My Account.”

Choose “Link New Account” and enter the details of the Google Account you want to link your YouTube account to. If this Google Account is associated with a YouTube account already, the two accounts are merged.

If you do not have a Google Account to link to, you'll be prompted to create a new account. Enter all required information to create the new account.

Alternately, sign in to YouTube using your old credentials. You'll be asked to link to a Google Account at this point.

Choose “Link My Accounts” to merge accounts and transfer your YouTube subscribers to your new account and channel.


If you're moving from one channel to another, create the new channel and then upload a video to the old channel informing subscribers that you're moving to a new channel. Leave the old channel active until the majority of your subscribers have had a chance to move to your new channel.

YouTube does allow you to transfer videos to a new channel or account, but not subscribers or other data. You must first download your uploaded videos and then upload them to the new channel, or better yet, upload your videos from to the new channel from your original source.

In order to transfer subscribers to a new channel, your new Google Account must already be linked to a YouTube account with the new channel. Your old YouTube account will merge with the new account, moving the subscribers to your new channel.

Try to edit your channel instead of moving to a new channel to avoid losing any subscribers.


This process does not work for YouTube accounts created after May 2009. These accounts are automatically linked to a Google Account and cannot be unlinked or linked to new accounts.

Exact transfers are not guaranteed. Some features of the account may or may not transfer.