How to Modify a Recommendation on LinkedIn

By Filonia LeChat

References and recommendations are an essential part of knowing who to hire for your business, which is why the working world’s social networking site, LinkedIn, offers them as one of its free features. Occasionally, you may receive a negative recommendation from an employee you let go or a disgruntled customer, or maybe the recommendation just doesn’t portray your business in the best light. LinkedIn allows you to modify recommendations in limited ways to help put your best digital foot forward.

Log in to your LinkedIn account. Although LinkedIn is available for the iPhone and Android smartphones, not all features are available, and modifying recommendations is best performed on an actual computer.

Hover the cursor over the “Profile” link and click “Recommendations.” Any recommendations you have received will appear in this list with an enabled thumbs-up icon.

Click the “Manage” link under a recommendation you wish to modify.

Click the “Request a new or revised recommendation from” link. Add a note about why you would like the recommendation modified. If the recommendation is nasty or disparaging, try to keep your tone positive and supportive; this is your best bet at receiving a modification. Send the request and wait for a message in your LinkedIn inbox about the change.

Reopen the recommendations link if you cannot get the person to revise or modify the recommendation, if you don’t want to wait for the modification or if you do not like the modification.

Deselect the box above “show” to hide the recommendation from your profile. You cannot actually edit someone else’s recommendation, so if you are unhappy with it and the person will not change it or cannot be reached, it is best to just remove it. Click the “Save Changes” button.


If you’re able to catch an unwanted recommendation before you accept it -- through LinkedIn’s email to you -- you can simply delete the email. You have to actually tell LinkedIn to accept and post the recommendation to your profile. If you do not, the recommendation is never posted.