How to Mirror Your PC Monitor Onto a Multimedia Projector

By Dustin Lamb

Projectors are great for presentations and playing movies.
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Using a multimedia projector with a laptop is useful for watching movies, for presentations and other purposes. It is not difficult to connect a computer to a multimedia projector in most cases. Most projectors use a VGA cable to connect with a computer. If you are using a computer without an available video output, you will need to purchase a VGA splitter. This device takes one VGA output and turns it into two, one for the monitor and one for the projector. You will need to make sure the option to duplicate the screen is set on the computer. Another type of projector is a network projector, which can be connected to through a network and is typically used more for businesses.

VGA Connection to a Projector

Look at the ports on the computer that you want to use with the projector. If there is no other VGA port other than the one the monitor is connected to, purchase a VGA splitter.

Power on both the projector and the laptop. Attach one end of your video cable to the input on the projector and the other end to the output of the laptop. Attach a VGA splitter to your computer's VGA port if it only has one output and then connect your monitor and the projector to the outputs on the splitter.

Select the appropriate input on the projector. Use the buttons on the projector or the remote control for the projector to change the input. The input will be called "VGA," "Computer" or something similar. Consult the documentation for the projector for more information.

Press the "Windows-P." Click "Duplicate" in the menu that opens.

If you need to adjust the screen resolution, right-click on an empty area of the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" from the context menu.

Select the "Screen Resolution" drop-down menu and use the slider to select the maximum resolution for the projector. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Network Projector

Connect to the network the projector is attached to using either a wireless or Ethernet connection.

Click the Windows "Start" button and type "projector" (without quotes) in the Search field. Click "Connect to a Network Projector."

Select "Allow the network projector to communicate with my computer." If you are not given this option, click "Search for a projector (recommended)" and click the name of the projector that you want to use. Click "Next" and choose "Connect."

Items you will need

  • VGA cable

  • VGA splitter or available video output on computer


You can also use an HDMI cable instead of VGA if your computer and projector have these ports available.