How to Minimize and Close Apps on iPad

By Kefa Olang

Minimizing iPad apps can be beneficial for multitasking purposes. When you launch a new app, the one you were previously using is automatically minimized to the multitasking bar. Other than this, you don't need to do anything special to minimize apps. Closing an iPad app can occasionally be necessary if it stops responding or isn't performing as expected. For business owners, these two features can be beneficial for switching between multiple apps or troubleshooting problematic apps.

Press the "Home" button while any app is in use. The app is automatically minimized to a multitasking bar. Apps in the multitasking bar are open; however, they function at a low level because they are minimized.

Press the "Home" button twice to display the multitasking bar on the bottom of your iPhone's screen. You should see the minimized apps. Drag your finger left or right across the multitasking bar to view additional apps.

Touch and hold a minimized app until they all start to jiggle. A minus icon appears in the corner of each app.

Touch the "Minus" icon next to each app to close it. Press the "Home" button twice to save your changes and return to the home screen.