How to Mass Delete a Particular Sender in Gmail

By C. Taylor

Google's search option is invaluable when it's time to clean up your Gmail account. This feature instantly identifies emails that meet specific criteria, so you can quickly mark them for deletion. For example, you might want to remove all emails from a particular client or company address. Although selected emails from the search results are deleted with a few mouse clicks, you can only select 20 results at a time by default. However, Gmail provides a way to select all results, even those outside the first page of results.

Log in to your Gmail account.

Type "from:[email]" (without that quotations) in the search field and press "Enter." Replace "[email]" with the email address of the sender you wish to delete. If you don't know the email address offhand, open one of that sender's emails and look for the address at the top of the message.

Click the first box on the top toolbar to select all search results on the first screen.

Click "Select All Conversations that Match This Search" at the top of the search results.

Click the "Delete" trashcan icon and select "OK" in the confirmation window to delete all messages from that sender.

Click "Trash" in the Gmail menu, and then click "Empty Trash Now" to permanently delete the messages from this particular sender.