How to Make Tri-Folds in PowerPoint

By Tricia Goss

Make your own brochures in-house.
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Tri-fold brochures are an effective tool for advertising sales, promoting services and informing people about your business. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to create colorful, detail-packed brochures. The key is using tables and printing the slides correctly.

Start PowerPoint and open a new, blank PowerPoint presentation. Click the "Design" tab and choose a theme from the gallery in the Themes group.

Click on the slide and press "Ctrl-A" to select all of the placeholders or text boxes. Press "Delete." Click the "Insert" tab. Click "Table" in the Tables group and choose a "3x1" table, which is a table with three columns and one row.

Click the table to select it and click on the "Layout" tab under Table Tools. Enter "7.5" in the Height box in the Table Size group and "10" in the Width box.

Click the "Home" tab. Click the "New Slide" drop-down arrow in the Slides group and select "Duplicate Selected Slides."

Enter text by typing directly into any of the table columns. Insert graphics by clicking the "Insert" tab, selecting "Picture" or "Clip Art" in the Images group and finding the images you want to add. Note that the first column of the first slide will be the inner fold of the brochure, the second column will be the back and the third column will be the front. The second slide will be the three inside panels of the brochure.

Save your finished brochure. Print by clicking the "File" tab and choosing "Print." Click the "Printer Properties" link and select your printer's duplex printing option to print both sides of the brochure. If your printer does not have duplex printing, print the first side, replace the paper and print the second side on the back of the page.