How to Make the CD Drive of Any Computer Open

By Editorial Team

Updated February 10, 2017

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Computer CD drives aren't supposed to be hard to operate. Most drive bay covers has large buttons stuck to their fronts that instantly open and close their trays. That being said, there are many times when they simply won't respond when you push these buttons. There is a way to bypass the eject button entirely and make the CD drive open from your computer.

Press the drive's external eject button several times, just to be sure it isn't working. Give the drive a few seconds to respond.

Press the eject button on your keyboard if you're using a Mac.

Open "My Computer" if you're using a PC. If there isn't a "My Computer" shortcut on your desktop, look for it in the Start Menu.

Locate your CD drive's icon among the other removable storage drive icons.

Right click the icon and select "Eject" from the pop-up menu that appears. Most menus have loads of options, so you may need to search for it for a while.

Insert a small, pointy object into the tiny hole on the front of your CD drive. Pins and needles work the best, although small nails will also fit. This makes the drive open even if your computer's shut down.

Restart your computer and repeat Steps 1 through 6 if the drive still doesn't respond.


If you're using an external CD drive, make sure it's plugged into both your computer and a power source. Close any programs that might be using the CD drive before attempting to open it.