How to Make Someone Else an Admin on a Facebook Event

By Aaron Wein

Add an extra admin on your Facebook event.
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Facebook events can serve as a valuable resource for organizing and planning a company party or any other social gathering you have in mind. Being the lone administrator of a Facebook event can be a time-consuming process depending on the complexity of the event you are trying to organize. If you need a little extra help managing the event, you can promote specific event guests to hosts. Hosts enjoy all of the same abilities as the event's creator, such as the option to invite or ban guests, post updates and change event information.

Log in to Facebook and navigate to your event's page.

Click "Edit" to open a pop-up box.

Click the "Hosts" field and type the person's name you want to add as a host. Results appear in a drop-down field as you type.

Click the person's name in the drop-down results list.

Click "Save" to finish promoting the person.


Remove a host by clicking "Edit" from your event's page and clicking the "X" next to the unwanted host's name in the Hosts field. Click "Save."