How to Make Pictures Shrink and Move in PowerPoint

By Michael Franco

PowerPoint provides a 21st century alternative to slide projectors like these.
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Although Microsoft's PowerPoint software is often used to create bullet-point-heavy business presentations that can be more dull than dazzling, it actually provides users the chance to work with photos in a very straightforward, fun manner. Here's how you can add a little life to your next slideshow by inserting, moving and resizing photos.

Launch PowerPoint.

Click "Insert" and then "Picture." Navigate to the photo you want to insert, select it and click "Insert."

To move the photo around on the page, place your cursor over the image, click and hold the left mouse button and drag the photo where you'd like it.

To resize the image, select it by clicking on it and then left-click and drag any of the dots in the corners or the squares on the side.

To rotate the image, select the image by clicking on it, hover over the green dot at the top of the image until you see a circular arrow and then left click and drag to the right or left.


To keep the proportions of your image the same, be sure to resize only by using the corner dots that appear when you click on the image. Using the squares along the horizontal or vertical edges of the image will change the photo's proportions.