How to Make GIFs as a Background on PowerPoint

By Filonia LeChat

Customize your PowerPoint presentations with GIF files.
i Keith Brofsky/Photodisc/Getty Images

Although Microsoft PowerPoint includes a large collection of slide backgrounds and designs, you may not find one that perfectly suits your audience or matches your business's needs. One way to customize a PowerPoint and give the entire presentation a branded appearance is to insert your own background by uploading and adding a GIF file, one of the graphics formats that permits transparency. This image is placed behind whatever text, graphics and design elements you add to the slides.

Start PowerPoint. To use a GIF on an existing presentation, click “File” and “Browse,” then locate the presentation on your computer. Otherwise, PowerPoint starts a new slideshow in the main portion of the screen.

Right-click anywhere on the slide. If you want the GIF to be the background for all of the slides instead of just the current one, click the “View” tab and select “Slide Master.”

Select “Format Background,” then click the “Picture or texture fill” radio button on the ensuing window.

Click the “File” button under “Insert from.”

Browse to the GIF to use as the background. To narrow your search, click the “All Pictures” menu and select “Graphic Interchange Format.”

Locate and double-click the image. The Insert Picture window closes and you see a preview of the GIF as the background. Close the Format Background window. You can also click the “Apply to All” button to add the GIF background to all the slides, even if you did not click the “Slide Master” option in Step 2.