How to Make Every Other Row a Color in a QuickBooks Template

By Andrew McClain

In addition to helping you maintain your business books, QuickBooks also lets you create professional-looking forms and documents you can use to manage your company's finances. One way to help make your documents easy to use is to add a color to every other row in your tables. This helps set the rows apart, making it easier to determine which entry goes in which row. You can use QuickBooks template and layout tools to make changes to the template design.

Open QuickBooks and click "List," then "List Templates."

Select the template you want to change, then click the "Edit" button to open the Modify Template window.

Double-click the field that you want to change, then click the "Background" tab.

Click on the "Fill Background" check box to mark it, then select a color with which you want to fill the field.

Repeat for every other row in the template table.