How to Make Animals Move in Powerpoint

By Rebecca Johnson

If you add an image to your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and it does not move when you view your presentation in Slide Show view, the image is not an animated image. Microsoft Clip Art contains some images that are animations from which you can choose a replacement. Alternately, add animation effects to make the image move across your screen when in Slide Show view. This type of animation effect is called a Motion Path.

Add a Motion Path

Select the slide that has the animal image to animate. Click one time on the image to select it.

Click the “More” button on the Animation tab in the Animation section to display the list of available animations. Select “More Motion Paths” to review the Motion Path options available.

Click on the Motion Path to apply to the animal. Click “OK.”

Select a method of running your animation in the Timing section of the Animations tab. Leave the default “On Click" selected to run the animation when you click you forward the slide. For example, you can have your animal appear on the slide, then, when you are ready, click the mouse to have the motion path animation play. Choose “With Previous" to start your animation with the previous one. This is used to make two animations play at the same time, for example, to have two animals move together across the slide. Select “After Previous" to start the animation after the previous effect, which keeps you from having to advance the slide to play the next animation.

Click the “Preview” button on the Animation tab in the Preview section to preview the motion Path.

Insert a Clip Art Animated Animal

Click in the slide to contain the animated animal. Select "Clip Art" on the Insert tab in the Images section.

Type "Animal" in the search field. Select "Videos" from the results field.

Click the "Go" button.

Scroll through the available animated and click the animal that works best for your presentation.


Adjust the path of your animation by clicking on the green start motion arrow or the red end motion arrow and dragging to the desired position.

Click “Shift-F5” on the keyboard to play your animation in Slide Show view.