How to Make an Online Portfolio of Websites on Blogger

By David Nield

Create a portfolio as a separate site or as a post on an existing blog.
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You can use the free Blogger platform to create a portfolio page with links to other sites on the Web. This provides a useful way of showcasing other sites, whether they represent previous clients or resources related to your business. The Blogger platform offers plenty of flexibility for creating posts and layouts, and you can take two different approaches to building your portfolio. Whichever method you choose to use, first prepare thumbnail images of the sites you wish to feature.

Creating a Single Post Portfolio With a Standard Template

Log in to Blogger and select the blog to host the portfolio. Click "New Blog," and then enter the relevant title and description details to create a new site for this purpose. Ensure the blog you're using does not have a Dynamic View template applied.

Click the "New post" button to create the post to hold the portfolio. Enter the post title — "Other Sites," for example — in the field at the top.

Click the insert image icon, which looks like a small picture, on the Blogger toolbar to select a file from disk. Click "Choose files," and then hold down the "Ctrl" key while clicking all of the site images you've created. Click "Open," select all of the images on the preview window, and then click "Add selected."

Select each image in turn and choose a size from the options underneath to match your desired layout design. Alongside or below each of your site images, enter the name of the site, as well as a brief description.

Select a site name, and then click the "Link" button on the toolbar to enter the URL it redirects to. Repeat this for each of the items in your portfolio.

Click "Publish" to upload the post to the chosen blog.

Creating a Multi-Post Portfolio With a Dynamic View Template

Log in to Blogger and select or create a blog using a Dynamic View layout. Click "Template" on the dashboard to switch an existing site to a Dynamic View template. Click the "Apply to Blog" link under any Dynamic View template to switch to it.

Click the "New post" button to create a new item in the portfolio. Enter the name of the site as the post title, and provide details or a summary in the body section. Create a link to the site somewhere within the post by selecting a portion of text and clicking the "Link" button to enter the site URL.

Click the insert image icon, which looks like a small picture, to load the site thumbnail. Select the image, click "Open," and then click "Add selected." Click the imported image and choose a suitable picture size to match your blog layout.

Click the "Labels" link to the right if you wish to add tags to your portfolio posts. You can use these tags to categorize sites -- for example, "news" or "opinion."

Click "Publish" to upload the post to your blog. Repeat the post creation process for each of the sites you wish to add to your portfolio.


You can prepare site thumbnails using the image-editing tool of your choice. Press "PrtScn" to take screenshots of sites, and paste them into Microsoft Paint to be edited, for example.

Blogger's Dynamic View templates use the images within each post to create a portfolio-style grid, and there are seven different alternatives to choose from.