How to Make Address Labels From Google Contacts

By Chris Daniels

Skip time manually typing in address labels; use your Gmail contacts.
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Even with the internet, sometimes you just need to send a letter or greeting card. Customers and business partners see this as a rare personalization of correspondence. Contacts you store under Google Gmail contacts can be easily turned into address labels in Google Drive documents. However, the direct conversion is not yet implemented as a feature in Gmail.

Log in to your Gmail account.

Click the "Gmail" drop-down menu and select "Contacts" from the list to bring up your list of contacts.

Click the "More" drop-down menu and select "Export." Choose the radio button to select whether to export all contacts, a group of contacts or contacts that you have selected in the window. Check the radio button to export to a Google CSV -- comma-separated variable -- format. Click "Export" to save the CSV file to your computer.

Navigate to Google Drive and create a new document from an address book label template by selecting the "From Template" link or navigating to the list of Label & Business Card templates (Link in Resources).

Open a new tab or window in your web browser and navigate to the Google Drive homepage by clicking on the "Drive" link at the top of your Gmail window.

Click on the "Upload" button and select "Files" from the drop-down menu. Select the "google.csv" file in the file dialog box that you downloaded containing your exported contacts.

Click on the "Open" option next to the "google.csv" file once it appears in your list of Google Docs. The file will open in the spreadsheet program.

Select a row of contacts and copy them using the "Ctrl+ C" keyboard shortcut or by selecting "Copy" from the "Edit" menu. Paste this information into the cells of your address label template in the other browser tab or window. Paste using "Ctrl+ V" or by selecting "Paste" from the "Edit" menu.