How to Make a Title Line on a Spreadsheet

By Shawn McClain

A spreadsheet, such as the kind you can create using Microsoft Excel, can be a powerful business tool, used for everything from tracking inventory to managing employee schedules. Sometimes, the spreadsheets grow so large that it becomes difficult to keep track of all the data while you scroll through the sheet or print it out. Creating a title line, which is sometimes called a header row, allows you to always keep the first line of the spreadsheet visible while you scroll through the rest of it. You can also change a print option to see that line at the top of every page when you print out the spreadsheet.

Open the spreadsheet where you want to create a title line using Excel. If you already have information in the spreadsheet and need to create a blank line at the top of the spreadsheet, right-click on the "1" on the left side of the sheet and choose "Insert."

Enter your titles into the cells at the top of the spreadsheet. You can choose to just enter one large title into cell "A1," or you can choose to label individual columns using the top cells in every column.

Click "View," then click "Freeze Panes." Choose "Freeze Top Row" from the menu that appears. The spreadsheet will now always show the top row when you scroll down.

Click "Page Layout," then click "Print Titles."

Click inside the box next to "Rows to repeat at top."

Click the "1" on the left side of the spreadsheet, then click "OK." The spreadsheet will now show the first row on every page you print out.


To freeze multiple rows, select the number of the first row beneath the rows you want to freeze, then click "Freeze Panes" instead of "Freeze Top Row."

To set up multiple rows as headers when you print out the sheet, just click and drag to select multiple rows instead of just clicking the "1."