How to Make a Skype Account and Use It on Your Kindle Fire

By Danielle Fernandez

Create an account, and make and receive Skype calls from your Kindle Fire HD.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Previous versions of the Kindle reader were unable to handle the equipment needs for a Skype video call, but the Kindle Fire HD tablet, equipped with a 720p HD screen, a microphone and a front-facing camera, is perfect for video chatting whether it's a personal session or an on-the-road meeting for business. Most Kindle Fire HD devices come preloaded with the Skype app, so there's no need to install anything, but it is also available free from the Amazon AppStore if you can't locate it in your Apps folder. Account creation and Skype setup is quick, and you can do it all right from your Kindle Fire HD touchscreen.

App and Account Setup

Tap "Apps" on the Home screen.

Tap the "Cloud" tab, then tap "Skype" to download the app.

Tap the app icon to launch Skype once you see a check mark indicating the app download is complete.

Enter your username and password if you already have an account, or tap "Create An Account" and enter your name, desired user name and password, e-mail address and phone number to create your new Skype account.

Adding Contacts

Tap the icon that looks like a silhouette with a plus sign on the main Skype screen, then tap "Add Contacts."

Tap the magnifying glass "Search" icon and select "Skype Directory."

Type the Skype user name, e-mail address, or real name of the contact you wish to add, then type the "Search" icon again if you don't see your contact pop up.

Tap a contact to add them to your Skype account, then tap "Add."

Include an optional message then tap "Add."

Making Calls

Tap the "Contacts" option from the app's Home screen to display all the contacts saved in your Kindle Fire HD’s Contacts app. Tap the contact you wish to call, then tap the green "Phone" icon to make the connection.

Tap "Recent" to display a list of recently made calls. Tap the contact you wish to call, then tap the green "Phone" icon to make a connection.

Tap "Call Phones" to either make a voice call or send a text message. Enter the appropriate telephone number in the field at the top, and tap the green "Phone" icon to place the call. Tap the blue "Mobile Phone" icon to send an SMS message to the number instead.


Credits are necessary to make calls to people who aren’t Skype users, but payments cannot be made from the Skype app on your Kindle Fire HD. Access your account at to add credits and pay fees.

Tap the Menu icon, which looks like three vertical dots in the top right of most Skype screens, then tap "Settings" to configure your Skype experience. For example, these preferences allow you to change how you receive incoming calls as well as how contacts are synchronized with your Kindle Fire HD.

Modify the profile that is viewed by others by tapping "Profile" from the Home screen.

The Status icon, which looks like a small white checked box, allows you to indicate to others that you’re online, away, or unavailable to callers.