How to Make a PowerPoint Static Instead of Animated

By James T Wood

There are several ways to remove the animations from your PowerPoint presentation. For example, you can disable the animations for the current slideshow while still keeping them saved in the file. Alternatively, you can remove the animation effects from the PowerPoint presentation so they no longer exist. You can also save the PowerPoint as a static file type, such as a PDF, so you can easily send it through the email and be confident that other users can view it.

Disable Animations

Open the PowerPoint presentation and click on the "Slide Show" tab in the Microsoft Office ribbon.

Click "Set Up Slide Show" in the Set Up section of the ribbon. A dialog box will open with setup options.

Click the box next to "Show Without Animation" so there's a check in it. Click "OK." Now when you play the slideshow, the animations won't appear. Remove the check to re-enable them.

Delete Animations

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Click on the first slide and press "Ctrl-A" to select all the objects on the slide.

Click the "Animations" tab in the Microsoft Office ribbon. Click "None" from the Animation section.

Repeat this for all the slides in your presentation. Save the PowerPoint file when you're done.

Save As

Open your PowerPoint file and click on the "File" tab.

Click "Save As" from the options. A dialog box will appear with saving options.

Choose the file type you want from the "Save As Type" drop-down menu. PDF, XPS and image file types will remove the animation. The PDF is a good choice since it's accessible across computer operating systems and software packages and it keeps all of your slides together. Using the image file type saves each slide as a separate picture. The XPS file type is a Microsoft Office document.

Type a name in the File Name field and then click "Save."


If you want to remove the animations from a PowerPoint file that you send, but still keep them in a file that you use to present, use the Save As feature to create a copy before you delete the animations.