How to Make a Playlist in Powerpoint

By Ryan Menezes

A playlist of songs enhances a business presentation.
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Play music during a PowerPoint presentation to serve as a backdrop to your own oral narration. Play audio files with each slide transition, or use a single song to span multiple slides. Extensive presentations typically exceed the length of just one song, so queue the music by creating a playlist. Setting the songs to automatically play in order frees you up to concentrate on your remarks during the presentation or answer customer and client questions.

Open the PowerPoint presentation to which you want to add music. Click "Audio" in the ribbon's Insert tab to open the Insert Audio dialog box.

Navigate to and select the first song for your playlist.

Click the Start drop-down box in the ribbon's Playback tab.

Click "Play across slides."

Repeat the process to insert and select the playlist's second song.

Click "Animation Pane" in the ribbon's Animation tab and double-click the second song's entry in the pane to open the Play Audio dialog box.

Click the dialog box's "Timing" tab.

Type the first song's length, in seconds, in the "Delay" box. For example, if the first song runs for four minutes 30 seconds, type "270" in this box.

Click "OK."

Repeat the process for the playlist's remaining songs, assigning each a delay equal to the previous songs' combined duration. For example, if the first two songs last for 270 and 100 seconds respectively, assign the third a delay of 370 seconds. If the first three songs last for 270, 100 and 200 seconds respectively, assign the fourth a delay of 570 seconds.