How to Make a Picture Transparent in Word 2007

By Ashley Kurz

Updated February 10, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to add photos to your documents by inserting them along with text or by themselves. You can add any photo that you have stored on your computer and change the properties of the photo to fit your needs. For example, you can make the photo transparent so you can clearly read text that is layered over it or make custom stationery with a subtle background image.

Make a Single Color Transparent

Open Microsoft Word 2007 by clicking the desktop shortcut or the program icon in the Start menu.

Open the document you want to work on or use the new document that shows up automatically when you open the program.

Click "Insert" to bring up the Insert commands on the ribbon at the top of the window and click "Picture." A browsing window will open. Navigate to your photo and double-click it to insert it into your document.

Click "Recolor" in the "Format" tab that appears at the top of the window under "Picture Tools."

Click "Set Transparent Color" in the window that opens up. A color selection stylus will replace your normal cursor.

Click an area of the picture that is the color you want to make transparent.

Make an Entire Image Transparent

Open Microsoft Word 2007.

Click "Insert" and choose "Shapes" on the ribbon at the top of the page.

Click the rectangle on the box that opens up. The box will disappear, and you will have a plus-sign-shaped cursor.

Click the blank document and drag your mouse until the rectangle is as large as you would like your picture to be.

Click the "Shape Fill" button at the top of the window and choose "Picture" from the list. A browse window will open.

Navigate to the picture you want to use and double-click it to select it. The picture will appear inside the rectangle.

Right-click the picture and click "Format Picture."

Choose "Fill" from the menu pane on the left and slide the transparency marker over to the percentage of transparency you want. Note that the picture will change as you move the cursor to allow you to preview the effect. Click "Close" when you are satisfied with the result.