How to Make a Logo in Microsoft Publisher

By Amy Dombrower

Create a company logo in Microsoft Publisher.
i Logo image by Max creative from

Microsoft Publisher is an Office suite program used primarily for laying out and designing publications, from websites and newsletters to business cards and brochures. However, Publisher also allows you to create your own logo by modifying one of the logos included in the Publisher Design Gallery. You need to provide your own content in terms of logo text and graphics. Adapting a logo in Publisher may save you some time and money on logo design.

Open a publication in Microsoft Publisher.

Click where you want to insert a logo in the document.

Click the “Design Gallery Object” icon on the Objects toolbar.

Click “Logos.”

Browse through the logo designs and select one that you like. Select the text and image options you want, such as providing space for two lines of text with the logo.

Click “Insert Object.”

Select the text in the logo’s text box and replace the placeholder text with your own content. For instance, type your business name or slogan.

Click the picture box to replace the placeholder image with your own image. If you have an illustration or image file you want to use for the logo, insert it here. Right-click the placeholder and click “Change Picture.” Select the image you want to insert.

Make any other changes to the logo that you wish to make and save the file.