How to Make a Facebook Company Profile Visible on Google

By Charlotte Mission

When you create a company Facebook page, the site automatically makes it visible to search engines such as Google. However, if you or an employee use the "Unpublish" feature to make changes -- or even inadvertently change the visibility settings -- your page will not appear on Google, in which case you need to republish the page and resume Google visibility.

Log in to your company's Facebook account.

Click the "Edit Page" button, and then select "Manage permissions" from the menu.

Uncheck the box next to the "Page Visibility" option.

Click the "Save" button to make your company's page appear on Google.


Create your company's Facebook username to be used as the permanent page address. This way, customers will know they're going to your company's official Facebook page when the page appears in Google searches. For best results, use your company's name or a well-known tagline.

To help your page move up the Google website rankings and appear higher in Google search results, update your page often with information-rich content that uses relevant keywords.

Market your company's Facebook page on blog posts, press releases, videos and other social networks. Placing links to your Facebook page creates "back links" that increase your Google rank and the ability to be seen in Google searches.