How to Make a Clickable Calendar in PowerPoint

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Select and adapt a calendar template that download to your PowerPoint slides.
i Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images, Microsoft Office's website, includes calendar templates that download to your PowerPoint presentation slides. Each calendar month has space to type your meetings and other timely events for your colleagues and audience to view. Customize the template with the PowerPoint commands to fit your presentation’s theme or message. Adapting a clickable calendar can help your audience follow your plan of action.

Open your PowerPoint presentation to the slide where you wish to insert the calendar.

Click the “File” button on the command ribbon to open the list of options and then click “New” to open the Available Templates and Themes pane. If the ribbon is not visible, click the “Normal” button in the status bar to bring up the ribbon commands and the slide pane.

Click the “Calendars” icon in the Templates section to display a gallery of calendar folders and then click the selected folder to open the gallery of templates.

Click in a thumbnail of the image to preview in the right pane.

Click the “Download” button in the right pane to transfer the digital calendar to your PowerPoint slides. The slide pane will show each month on a slide.


To apply a theme to your digital calendar, click the “Design” tab and then click a thumbnail of an image from the Themes gallery.

To edit the style, click the “Colors” or “Fonts” button in the Themes group and then point over an option to preview the effect, for example. Click the option to apply to your slide. The slide and the images on the slide pane will convert.