How to Make a Checklist in Excel 2007

By Tricia Goss

Updated February 10, 2017

Make a custom checklist in Excel 2007.
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Checklists can be a helpful training aid or organizational tool, because you can mark off tasks or steps as they go along to make sure they do not miss any important details. Microsoft Excel is an ideal application in which to create a custom checklist, as you can use the built-in rows and columns to make a list and form controls to add check boxes. You can also use an Excel 2007 template for a ready-made checklist.

Make a Checklist with Form Controls

Click on the letter "B" at the top of the second column to select the entire column. Click the "Align Text Left" button in the Alignment section of the Home tab to align the text in your checklist to the left of the column.

Click inside the first cell in column B. Type the first item for your list into the cell. Enter your second checklist item into the next cell in column B, and continue entering your checklist items down the column.

Display the Developer tab if it does not display at the top of your ribbon. Click the Office icon at the top left of your window and select "Excel Options." Select "Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon" under the Popular category. Click "OK."

Go to the Developer tab. Click "Insert." Click the "Check Box" button. Click inside the first cell in column A to insert a check box.

Right-click the check box control and select "Format Control." Go to "Alt Text" and delete the sample text. Go to the Control tab. Select "Unchecked" under Value. Click "OK." Click on the spreadsheet away from the control. To enter a check into the box, click on it. Add check boxes in each cell in column A to correspond with the list in column B.

Make a Printable Checklist from a Template

Click the Microsoft Office button at the top left of the Excel window, then click "New."

Type "Checklist" into the Search Office Online box.

Preview a checklist by clicking on it once. Click "Download" when you find a checklist template you wish to use. The checklist will open as a new Excel file.

Click on a cell containing sample text. Select the text by dragging your mouse over it. Type your checklist information over the sample text. Change a sample picture if desired. Right-click the picture and select "Change Picture." Choose the picture you wish to use instead and click "Insert."

Click the "Save" button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save your changes to the checklist template. Enter a name for the file and click "Save." Print the checklist as needed.