How to Make a CD Booklet With Lyrics

By Joshua Laud

Updated February 10, 2017

When designing a CD booklet, the important thing to consider is that you get the size correct. You will either need a word processing application that allows you to change the size of the pages, or a desktop publishing application that gives you further control over paper dimensions. Once you have created your document to the needed size, you will be able to add images and text such as lyrics on the pages.

Open a word processing application or a desktop publishing application. Common programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher will be suitable, or if you have the OpenOffice equivalents, Writer or Draw will work suitably well.

Change the page layout so that each page is exactly 4.72 by 4.72 inches.

Design your CD booklet as you like with different graphics. You will be able to insert images and clip art from the "Insert" menu in your program software.

Add your lyrics. In desktop publishing software you will have to draw a text box by clicking the text box icon in the toolbar. When you highlight text, you can change the font in the font toolbar to any font face you wish. When designing your booklet it is important to remember that the font should stand out from the background images so that it is easier to read.

Print your booklet and make sure you choose to print two pages on an A4 page. This is in the print options and allows the pages to be printed side by side.