How to Make a Calendar in Excel 2007

By Tricia Goss

Updated February 10, 2017

Make a calendar in Excel.
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While you may know Microsoft Excel for its ability to create versatile spreadsheets and colorful charts, you can also use it to create custom calendars. In Excel 2007, you can insert a calendar control that makes it fast and simple to find and insert dates into a worksheet. Another option is to use a template to create a personalized, printable calendar within Excel.

Add Calendar Control to Worksheet

Display the "Developer" tab of the ribbon. Click the "Office Button." Click the "Excel Options" button. Select the "Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon" check box under "Popular Options." Click "OK."

Go to the "Developer" tab. Click Insert and choose "ActiveX Controls."

Click "More Controls" and select "Calendar Control" in the "More Controls" list. Click "OK." Excel inserts a calendar control in "Design View," which allows you to edit and customize the control.

Right-click the Calendar Control and click "Calendar Object." Select "Properties" to open the "Calendar Controls Properties" dialog box. Select options for the font, color and other aspects of the control. Click onto the worksheet when finished.

Click on the calendar control and click on the date you want to add to the worksheet. Excel automatically enters the date into the selected cell.

Make Printable Calendar from Template

Click the "Office Button" and select "New."

Type "calendar" into the "Search Templates on Office Online" box. Press the "Enter" key. A gallery of template options opens.

Select the calendar template you want to use. Click the "Download" button. The calendar opens as a new Excel file.

Click inside of a date on the calendar to which you want to add a note or reminder. Type directly into the empty space on that date. Go to the "Page Layout" tab. Click "Themes." Click the "Colors" drop-down arrow to select a different color scheme. Select "Fonts" to change the fonts on the calendar.

Click the "Save" button on the "Quick Access Toolbar," enter a name for the calendar and click "Save." Print the calendar if desired.