How to Make a Button on Powerpoint

By Ryan Menezes

Buttons let the audience interact with your presentation.
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PowerPoint command and toggle buttons are ActiveX controls that accept audience input. When customers or clients run your presentation on a computer and click a button, PowerPoint records the control's changed state. Other slide elements can then use Visual Basic code to respond to the state change. For example, a product demo can use a series of command buttons to let customers select options and customize the product's appearance. PowerPoint doesn't display the ActiveX control library unless you add the Developer tab to the ribbon.

Click "File" in the PowerPoint ribbon and click "Options" to open the PowerPoint options window.

Click "Customize Ribbon" in the window's sidebar.

Click the check box labeled "Developer" and click "OK" to add the Developer ribbon tab.

Click the "Developer" tab.

Click the Command Button, Spin Button or Toggle Button icon in the ribbon's Controls group. Click and drag over the slide to add the button.


The Developer tab only needs to be activated once. If it already appears when you launch PowerPoint, just click it to access the Developer elements.