How to Make a Blank Check Using Checksoft

By Andrew McClain

In today's world of e-banking, a checkbook might not be as common a sight as it once was, but you still need to maintain your business's checking account because there will be times that you are going to need to write a check. Rather than maintain a checkbook, you can use software like Avanquest's Checksoft, which lets you design your own checks and print them. Checksoft also includes a check register program to help you keep your records current. Another useful feature is that if you want to hand-write a check you can print blank checks out using the program's built-in Check Designer functionality.

Open Checksoft and select the account you want to use.

Click "Use an Existing Account."

Click "Templates," "Blank Checks" and then "8000-Personal Wallet."

Click on one of the check template designs and then click on "New Design with Selected Template." The selected check will appear under "My Designs."

Click on the selected check and type a name for it. Press "Enter" when finished typing.

Right-click on your selected check and select "Print."

Select how many checks you want to print from the drop-down list.

Type the number of the first check in the "Starting Check Number" field.

Click "Print" to print your blank checks.