How to Look for an Item on Craigslist

By Cameron Sherber

Find what you're looking for in a timely manner on Craigslist.
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Small business owners can save a substantial sum of money by purchasing workplace essentials from Craigslist instead of over-the-counter office supply retailers. Whether your business is in need of new PC equipment or office furniture, search Craigslist's postings to see if you can find what you're need before paying full retail price. The site's easy layout makes finding the items your office needs a simple and stress-free undertaking.

General Browsing

Access the Craigslist homepage. Locate your state, then click on your city.

Browse the various categories and subcategories. For office furniture or PC equipment, locate the "For Sale" category. Subcategories that may be of interest include "Computers," "Furniture" and "Business." Click on the subcategory to browse through the listings.

Click on a listing that captures your interest to review the details.

Click "Reply to this post" to send an email to the seller asking for further information and arrange a sale.

Search Box Browsing

Visit Craigslist's homepage and select your city and state.

Locate the "Search Craigslist" box at the top-left of the page. Enter your search criteria in the box.

Select the category for your search criteria from the drop-down menu found directly beneath the box. Click the button that bears the image of a forward-pointing arrow located beside the drop-down menu.

Browse the list of relevant listings and click a listing appropriate to your needs.

Advanced Searching

Use Google Advanced Search to narrow your Craigslist search options by neighborhood. This is particularly helpful to business owners who are interested in purchasing bulky items, but don't wish to transport them a great distance.

Access Google's homepage and type the words "advanced search" into the search box, then press "Enter" or the "Google Search" button. Click the first link that appears in the subsequent list of search results.

Enter your search criteria in the "Find pages with..." boxes. The boxes in which you enter information vary depending on how narrowly to filter your search results, but this process will generally entail providing the type of item you're looking for, as well as the desired condition of the item. Enter the neighborhood to which you'd like to limit your search in the "All These Words" or "Any of These Words" boxes. You can also use drop-down menus to narrow your search results by language and region.

Type the Web address of your local Craigslist in the box labeled: "Site or Domain." For example, if your business is based out of San Diego, you type ""

Click the "Advanced Search" button to have Google present you with a list of relevant search results.