How to Load Picture Paper Into an HP Printer

By Solomon Poretsky

HP inkjet printers do an excellent job of printing both black and white, as well as color documents at quality levels that are frequently indistinguishable from laser printer output. However, they also have an additional capability -- printing high-quality prints on photographic paper. Whether you need to print out photos for an office bulletin board or proofs for clients, loading your HP inkjet with special photo picture paper is the key to getting the best possible output quality.

Open your HP inkjet's paper tray by either removing the cover or by pulling the paper tray out.

Remove any paper that is already in the tray.

Slide the media guides that hold paper in place as far open as possible so that you can use the full width of the tray.

Place your picture paper in the tray, centering it as much as possible, with its printable side down. If you are using regular letter-size paper, insert it lengthwise.

Slide the media guides so that they touch the paper. Set them to fit flush with the paper, but not so snugly that they cause the paper to bow upwards.

Close the paper tray's cover or slide it back into the printer.


Do not load photo paper into an HP laser printer -- it can ruin it.