How to Load Photo Paper Into a Canon Pixma Printer

By Nicole Hamilton

Make photo-quality promotional materials with photo paper in your Canon Pixma.
i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

If you're accustomed to using plain paper to print your business invoices and reports, loading photo paper in your Canon Pixma printer presents a challenge. Since photo paper has one printable side, you need to insert it properly to avoid wasting paper and ink. The printable side of photo paper normally appears glossy or coated. Before printing, use the printer software to adjust the printer’s settings so the media type is set to photo paper.

Open the front cover of the printer by placing your hand in the groove and pulling the cover down. It's located on the side of the printer under the touch screen and buttons.

Grasp the notch on the front edge of the cover and pull to extend the paper support.

Move the right paper guide to the far edge open the paper guides.

Place your photo paper in the tray with the glossy or printable side facing down. Hold the paper by the edges to avoid fingerprints on the glossy surface. Slide the paper all the way in until it stops.

Move the paper guide to the edges of the paper.

Pull out the output tray extension from the middle of the paper support.

Pull down the paper output tray so it extends over the paper and then pull out the paper output support.