How to Load Glossy Paper Into a Printer

By Melissa King

Glossy paper gives photos a professional look.
i Visage/Stockbyte/Getty Images

When you print photos for business projects or brochures, you want professional-quality images and sharp, vibrant colors. Unlike regular printer paper, glossy paper is thick enough to support the amount of ink used when printing photos. This type of paper often has one glossy side and one matte side. To print your photos on the glossy side, you need to load the paper into your printer correctly. Correct loading also ensures that the paper doesn't get stuck or jammed as it goes through the printer.

Make a stack of up to 25 sheets of glossy paper, depending on thickness. Fan the paper, then tap the stack on a flat surface a few times to even out the pages.

Turn the paper so the glossy side faces up. Feed the stack of paper into the paper support. Do not force the paper into the printer. If the stack of paper is too thick to fit, remove a few sheets and try to load it again.

Move the paper guides to the edges of the paper. For some printers, when you move one paper guide, the other moves accordingly.


Select "Photo," "Normal" or "Automatic" print quality when printing for the best results.


Don't insert damaged glossy paper into the printer, as this may cause a paper jam.