How to Load an Ink Cartridge in a Canon Printer

By Mindi Orth

Replacing your printer's ink cartridges may improve diminished print quality.
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When the Canon inkjet printer your business relies on reports low ink levels, or when print quality diminishes, you must replace the ink cartridges. All Canon inkjet printers contain one black cartridge, but the number of color cartridges varies depending on the model. Some use a single cartridge for all colors while others use a separate cartridge for each individual color.

Press the power button to turn on the printer, and open the top cover. The ink cartridges move into a central position.

Pull gently to remove the ink cartridge from the printer and dispose of it properly. Depending on your Canon model, a protective cover may secure the cartridge within the printer. Lift the cover to gain access to the cartridge, and then pull the cartridge from the printer.

Prepare the new cartridges for installation. Remove all protective packaging, including any tape that protects the cartridge during transport.

Slide the cartridge into the appropriate slot and push it gently until it clicks into place. Lower the protective cover, if your Canon model has this feature, to finish securing the cartridge within the printer. Don’t force the cartridge because this can damage the printer. If the cartridge doesn’t lock into place, remove it from the printer and try loading it again.

Close the top cover and wait for the printer to initialize.


Do not touch the contacts on the printer cartridge. This can damage the cartridge.