How to List Multiple Degrees on LinkedIn

By Ashley Donohoe

Display all your academic achievements on your LinkedIn profile.
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Your LinkedIn profile's education section enables potential clients and other professionals to see your academic achievements, including degrees earned, activities pursued and societies joined. When you add a school to your profile, you can list only one degree; however, you can use multiple school entries to list additional degrees, even if it requires repeating a school already shown on your profile. In addition to listing your degree name and field of study, you can add background information that shows prospective clients specific experience, awards, scholarships and skills gained while you pursued each degree.

Log in to your LinkedIn account. Click the "Profile" menu option and select "Edit Profile."

Click "Add a School" next to the "Education" section.

Start typing your school name in the "School Name" field and then click its full name when it appears in the drop-down list. If your school doesn't come up in the list, type its full name manually.

Start typing your full degree name, such as Bachelor of Science or Master of Arts, in the "Degree" field. Click the full degree name when it appears in the drop-down list. Type your field of study or major in the field below.

Select the start and end years of attendance from the "Dates Attended" drop-down lists. Type your grade point average, if applicable, in the "Grade" field.

Use the "Activities and Societies" field to list any activities, teams or societies you participated in. Use a comma between each item.

Type an education description in the "Additional Notes" field, if desired. Some suggested items to discuss include any study abroad experience, scholarships, published works, awards and student positions.

Click "Save Changes" to put the additional degree on your profile.


If you have more degrees to add, repeat the process for each one.

You can also list individual courses to help prospective clients better understand your academic background. Click "Add Sections" on the "Edit Profile" page, click "Courses" in the left pane list and then click "Add to Profile." You can then enter multiple courses.