How to List LinkedIn on a Business Card

By Tim Plaehn

LinkedIn is a social networking site for businesses and professionals. You can use LinkedIn to connect with other business contacts, promote your business, find employment opportunities or find new associates for your own business. Your personal LinkedIn profile is where you show your professional qualifications and experience. Including a profile link on your business card allows your contacts to quickly get more information about you.

Update Your Profile

Before putting your LinkedIn information on your next batch of business cards, make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date. If someone takes the trouble to look you up on the networking site, you want to make a good impression with the information you provide. Focus on your summary where you tell everyone who sees your profile who you are and what you do. The LinkedIn edit profile directions prompt you to develop as complete a profile as possible.

Your Profile Link

Your LinkedIn profile has a dedicated URL link that you can use in your electronic communications, such as emails, and have printed on your business cards. Find your profile URL in the "Edit Your Profile" section just under your photo and basic information. You can also find your profile URL at the top of the right column from the profile settings page.

Customize Your Link

The LinkedIn assigned URL shows your name but also includes a string of numbers, letters and slashes. You might want to use a custom URL that is easier to remember and transfer from your business card to a Web browser. The LinkedIn profile settings allow you to set your own URL starting with plus up to 30 characters.

Add a LinkedIn Button

The profile setting section of LinkedIn also allows you to set up "View My LinkedIn Profile" buttons for use on websites and blogs. Copy one of the provided button images and use the image on your business card along with your LinkedIn profile URL. Using the image highlights your LinkedIn URL, which will help someone with your business card make the transition from having your card in hand to finding your professional profile on the Internet.