How to Link Tumblr to Facebook

By David Nield

David Karp is the founder of the Tumblr blogging network.
i Nadine Rupp/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Tumblr blogging platform enables users to create simple blog-based websites for free. Posts can be one of seven distinct types: audio, video, quote, link, text, photo or chat. A Tumblr blog can be a useful way of promoting a business or interacting with customers quickly and cheaply. Built into the Tumblr platform is the option to send posts straight to a Facebook page. The option can be toggled on a post-by-post basis if required.

Log in to your Tumblr account. Click the name of the blog you wish to link to Facebook from the list at the top of the dashboard.

Click the "Blog Settings" link to bring up a screen of options relating to the selected blog.

Check the box labelled "Share posts on your Timeline" by the Facebook heading.

Click the "Sign in with Facebook" button to log in to your Facebook account. A new window appears prompting you for the email address and password you use to log into the social network. Click "Log In" to confirm and return to the previous screen, where all of the accounts and pages you are associated with on Facebook will now be listed.

Select the Facebook identity or page to which you wish to send the Tumblr posts. Check the boxes beneath if you wish to share likes and replies as well as posts to your Timeline.

Click "Save" to confirm your choices. Any post published to the selected Tumblr blog will now also appear on the Timeline of the selected Facebook account.


The Facebook link feature is built into the Tumblr architecture and will continue to work no matter which theme is applied to the blog from the gallery.

The Facebook link feature works with both personal accounts and Facebook Pages for which you have administrator access.

Irrespective of the options configured on the Blog Settings page, individual post pages include a toggle switch for sending posts to Facebook. By default this will be activated if you have set up the Facebook link feature, but you can deactivate the feature for the current post by clicking it. Likewise, if the Facebook link hasn't been set up in Tumblr, you can still send individual posts to your Timeline by clicking on the Facebook icon to activate the feature for the current post only.